The best, natural solution for your skin

Providing the best, natural solution for every skin type, that’s what we stand for!

Body&Bess is a 100% Belgian family business that offers natural skin care products based on a high concentration of natural active ingredients. Our aim is to strengthen and increase skin resilience, stimulate cell growth and protect and restore skin.
In short: Body&Bess revives your skin

Body&Bess products do not contain parabens and we never test them on animals.

The story started in 2013 with our first range of care products based on raspberry seed oil for the most sensitive and demanding skin. This range was called Hydro Sensitive-range.
In the meantime, a second range was also launched based on rice powder. These products are intended to restore impure skin; the Skin Control-range.

Body&Bess is continuing to develop products on an ongoing basis with the most innovative, natural ingredients on the market. It aims to offer a compact but complete range that provides everything your skin needs.

The seeds are processed into the unique, highly concentrated skin care products of Body&Bess in four steps.

Discover who is responsible for what in our small team with big plans.

Travel back in time and view the milestones that Body&Bess experienced.