• Body&Bess Combination to Oily Skin

    Day Cream Combination to Oily Skin | 150ml

    Protective, mattifying 24-hour cream based on natural active ingredients from rice powder. It reduces excessive sebum secretion and the development of impurities without dehydrating the skin. Its natural antioxidants and UV protection properties provide the skin with a long-lasting protection. Dermatologically tested. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

  • Body&Bess Skin Control Cleansing Gel

    Skin Control Cleansing Gel | 200ml (professional use)

    Body&Bess Skin Control Cleansing Gel is a skin-friendly cleansing gel developed especially for blemished skin. The cleansing gel contains a high concentration of natural and active ingredients made of rice powder that dissolve sebum deep down inside the pores without drying out the skin or causing damage. The skin’s natural pH value is restored to leave it feeling fresh and soft. It softens and calms infections, redness, sensitivities and irritations.


  • Body&Bess Skin Control Mask

    Skin Control Mask | 250ml

    The Skin Control Mask is an intelligent, deep cleansing mask that adapts to both very dry and oily skins. What makes the mask special is its range of effects. This mask contains a high quantity of natural active ingredients to revitalise the skin. Blemishes (sebum, blackheads etc.) that have accumulated deep inside the pores are absorbed and effectively removed without damaging the skin barrier. Unique marine amino acids and antioxydants from raspberry and buckthorn berries protect the skin and considerably tighten the facial contours.

  • Skin Control Peeling | 75ml

    The Skin Control Peeling removes the upper cells of the stratum corneum in a controlled manner. High concentrations of active ingredients have a deep cleansing effect and reduce sebum. Cell division is stimulated, making the skin feel tight and smooth and fading wrinkles and lines.

  • Body&Bess Skin Control Serum

    Skin Control Serum | 15ml (professional use)

    The Body&Bess Skin Control Serum has been specially developed to control sebum production. Its high concentrations of active ingredients soothe overactive sebaceous glands without damaging or drying the skin, combatting impurities and shiny zones.

  • Body&Bess Skin Control Tonic

    Skin Control Tonic | 200ml (professional use)

    Mild tonic rich in natural, active ingredients. Supports the purifying effect of the Skin Control Cleansing Gel. Prevents the development of comedones, redness and shiny skin.